Landmark Enterprises, Inc. is a Sub Chapter S Corporation headquartered in Avon Lake, Ohio. We are a Manufacturers Representative Organization, representing manufacturers of engineered industrial products throughout Indiana, Michigan, Northern Kentucky, and Ohio. We have experience in developing and building long term relationships with end users, distributors, and original equipment manufacturers. Our staff has the technical experience to understand and manage opportunities in food processing, packaging, plant sanitation, and industrial manufacturing. We are armed with the resources to effectively trouble shoot applications and present realistic and effective solutions. Our ultimate goal is for our clients and customers to understand the value in partnering with us.

Rick Landmark, President
  • Bachelor of Science, The University of Baltimore (1983)
  • CPMR, (2009) MANA at the University of Arizona
  • Manufacturers’ Agents National Association since 2002
  • www.manaonline.org/member/landmarkenterprises
  • 30 years of industrial sales experience